Dunkin' Donuts, Togo's and Baskin-Robbins Presents
Pledge and Paint for Camp Okizu

The Elk is Finished!

I want to thank everyone for his or her help on this community arts project called Elk on Parade. Being involved in this project has created quite a stir. I met many wonderful local neighbors and earth neighbors while outside painting, all filled with grins. But the biggest impact for me was how you responded to this project with love and concern for the children battling cancer. Not only is "Dunkin Donna" bringing these wishes to the kids, everyone that reads the puzzle pieces of hope and joy also send wishes as they look upon the elk with pride. By the way, your pledges along with neighbors and friends raised over $1000 for the camp!

The completed elk looks fabulous and has left my front yard to take up temporary residence at the new Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins and Togo's store, 3311 Power Inn Road just in time for the grand opening on Friday, August 16, 2001, from 5 AM to 10 PM. I encourage everyone to stop on by.

The elk auction will take place sometime in October and the proceeds for our elk will be donated to Camp Okizu (I found out that the word "Okizu" is an Indian name and means, "Bringing Together in Peace".) When the auction date is finalized, I will post it on this page. Where Dunkin Donna will end up is a mystery. However, we are hoping to have its permanent residence be at Camp Okizu where all the children can see the puzzle blanket of wishes and hopes you painted! I am certain that Dunkin Donna will bring joy and miracles to all of them. Oh, and you should see the eyelashes, very cool!

Thanks again, Kerry

P.S. I've heard a faint roar in the air that maybe next year we'll do a similar project for the Sacramento Zoo, Lion on Parade!

What is painted on the Elk?

I had a specific "abstract" project in mind for the children's art on the elk that has been very successful and fun in my own painting classes. I taught each person, if they had never done this class with me, how to get in touch with the energy of feelings and words with their own innate (inborn) linier language. Once this was done I asked them what they would want to say or wish for a child facing the battle with cancer. It could have been one word or one idea. Once they came up with a wish and design, it was then painted on a particular spot on the elk in an outline shaped like a puzzle piece. The artists signed his or her design along with the title of their wish. Eventually, all the pieces fit together beautifully, creating a blanket of Hope.

For my part of the project I wanted to incorporate ideas representing the charity, Camp Okizu, the sponsor, Dunkin Donuts, and Fun! For Camp Okizu I chose mountain scenes because the Camp is in the mountains near Oroville, California. I painted some lightning in the ear, and the lobes are adorned with donut and coffee cup earrings. The eyes are realistic and soulful outlined with sparkly pink and orange eyelashes and eye shadows. The face represents a peaceful fishing trip on a lake in the mountains along with lips accentuated with bright pink lipstick. The sky has rain, the sun breaking through clouds, a moon, and a rainbow over one eye. The sky becomes clear blue and continues on up the antlers into the deep-blue heavens filled with stars (one of my favorite images to paint) and of course, donuts and coffee! The burlap saddlebags draped across the blanket of hope are filled with a coffee pot and beans on one side, and a sandwich, muffin, egg bagel, and a book on the other. The book's green cover says, "Wilderness Survival Guide by L. K. Forrester." (Get it? L. K. (elk), Forrester (forest), with Survival being represented by the wishes and the food!) The belly has donuts, and donut holes swimming in coffee. Scenes of bright green meadows, back-dropped with tall fir trees are wrapped around each thigh and change from daytime to a night filled with stars. (When you see it in person, look for the wish-star shooting across the sky!) The legs are wearing colorful stockings of pink and orange. Last but not least, the elk stands firm on hoofs made of wishes.

All in all it was quite and adventure in my front yard!


Dunkin' Donuts Sponsors an Elk to Benefit Camp Okizu
The Children's Cancer Camp of Northern California's

Local Artist Kerry Van Dyke Selected to Work with Children For Camp Okizu

SACRAMENTO -- Artist and teacher Kerry Van Dyke has been selected to coordinate the design and children's artwork for the Dunkin' elk that will be placed this summer in front of the Dunkin' Donuts – Togo's – Baskin-Robbins store at Granite Regional Park, scheduled to open in August. Togo's and Baskin-Robbins have been proud to contribute to Camp Okizu to provide an important camp experience to children who are battling cancer. This year their sister store, Dunkin' Donuts will open the first store in California and contribute proceeds to ensure the camp experience for children.

Project Background

Chicago had its cows; Cincinnati, its pigs, Rochester, N.Y. had its horses . . . and now a herd of almost 50 elk will parade from Elk Grove and throughout the greater Sacramento area. A select group of artists have been commissioned to paint and embellish one of the Elk on Parade, a community art project presented by Frontier, A Citizens Communications Company and the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Artists from Northern California will paint and embellish life-sized, 150 lb. fiberglass elk, measuring nine feet tall by eight feet long, for indoor or outdoor display in Elk Grove and Sacramento during the summer/fall of 2002. The elk will be displayed at sponsor business locations, parks, city streets and other high-visibility areas. The goal is to instill an understanding and enjoyment of public art in the community while providing funding to local non-profit organizations.

Elk on Parade promises to be one of the area's highest-profile events and fundraisers. From small family-owned shops to medium and large-sized corporations -- all have been invited to sponsor an elk in partnership with a local artist. Elk on Parade takes to the streets from July through October. Maps and other promotional materials will be distributed to pinpoint the location of each sponsored elk. In the fall, all elk will be rounded up for the most impactful portion of the program -- the live auction when 100 % of the net proceeds from the Elk on Parade will go to local charities, such as the Cosumnes River College Foundation, Elk Grove Community Services District, Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks, Elk Grove Unified School District, and the Mercy Foundation.

Questions regarding the project may be directed to Dixon Schwabl Advertising, Inc. at 800-383-0387, or email Kellie @DixonSchwabl.com.

Find out more about the new Dunkin' store that will be the only store west of the Mississippi to house three great brands in one great store - opening in Sacramento, California, in mid- August at www.DunkinDonuts.com.

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