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Port of Sacramento Oil Paintings

For nine years now, I have been rowing at River City Rowing at the Port of Sacramento in West Sacramento. These are some of the very familiar scenes I am blessed to see early in the morning while I row!

Original artwork and limited edition Giclée prints on canvas, paper and Aluminum

All of my prints are archival and can last over 100 years!

Cotact me as to the size any of my paintings can be enlarged or reduced.

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"Jim and Darrel" 10"X12"  Oil on Canvas 2013


"Brings Tears to my Eyes"  20"X20" 2013 Oil on Canvas


"Sunrise Oar 1" 8"X22" Oil on Oar Blade 2013



"Sunrise Oar 2" 8"X22" Oil on Oar Blade 2013


Returning From Practice 4"X12"  2012 Oil on Canvas

Images of the Port Series 1 and 2 limited edition of 100 each.

Any combinations of my 4"X12" paintings can be created as 3 on 1 page as above.

They can be printed on canvas, paper or aluminum.

Sunrise Port (original sold) 8"X10"

Amonia Plant  (original sold) 4"X12"

Sunrise East (original sold) 4"X12"

Sunrise South (original sold) 4"X12"

Preparing for Seat Racing 4"X12"

Sculling at Dawn  4"X12"


Berth 2 5"X7"

Sailboat in Fall 5"X7"

Sailboats on Lake Washington 5"X7"

(Original sold)

Sunrise in the Locks 5"X7"

(Original Sold)

Under the Bridge 12" X16"




Pet Portraits

Pastel on Paper

"ZOE" Oil Painting


"ELLIE MAE"  Oil Painting


Self Portrait - abstract
"Self Portrait - Kerry "
14" X 18 ", gouache on canvas

Our Lady of the Assumption




God Geometry



House Renderings

For the years 2001 - 2003, Kerry captured with pen and ink the homes featured in the Sacred Heart Home Tour. This tour takes place each December. For a portrait of you home or vacation retreat contact Kerry. She renders each home on location and in her studio in your choice of either pen and ink, watercolor, gouache or oil.

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Selected Pen and Ink Drawings

View all tour homes

Sacred Heart Church

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Saint Anthony's Church

The Dove

Selected Watercolors
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C.K. McClatchy High School was recently added to the register of Historical Buildings. The 2002 graduating class is sponsoring an Alumni fundraiser to help restore the beautiful fountain. Kerry painted this watercolor of the fountain to help with the fundraiser. If you are interested in purchasing a Giclée of this painting (all proceeds go to refurbishing the fountain), please contact Kerry.

Selected Paintings
Original artwork and limited edition Giclée prints available. Order a print
(Click on any painting for larger view.)


18" x 24", oil on canvas

"Winter Palace of the Dalai Lama, Tibet"
24" x 36", oil on canvas

12" x12", hand glazed tile

A poem on the border reads,

"I hold my sword high into the air

and charge against evils

encased in darkness."

48" x 90", oil on canvas

72" X 40", oil on canvas

30" X 48", oil on canvas

"Window in Time"
96" x 28", oil on canvas

"Hands of God"
48" X 48", oil on canvas

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A Shared Vision

A Shared Vision

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