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Artist Kerry Van Dyke has been involved with art since she was a young girl growing up in Sacramento. Her art is quite varied: realistic, impressionistic and visionary. She enjoys many different mediums: the richness of oils and pastels, the transparency of watercolors, and the detail of rendering with pen and ink, and pencil.

In addition to being an artist, Kerry is a well-known art instructor throughout the Sacramento region, having taught in both public and private schools as an Artist in Residence.

Her school of art instruction, Kerry’s Art, founded in 1986 for adults and children, offers a variety of classes; small after-school classes with personalized help, a full summer art camp, and on-going adult, day and evening, classes. Kerry has a strong commitment to teach fundamental techniques for a variety of art materials or mediums.

Along the way, she discovered another gift – being a visionary and seer.  With this unique gift, she has been able to empower countless people and help them gain a new perspective.