For 35 years in Sacramento, CA I taught private and small group art classes out of my home studio and in public and private schools for thousands of students. From my experience, I know that anyone can learn to draw and paint!

In 2022 I decided to move to Chicago to be near both of my daughters. Now that I’ve settled into my 1923 Chicago Bungalow, I am excited to offer art lessons again in my new home studio.

Class schedules:

Weekly group classes with 3-6 students (2 or 3 hour sessions): $25 per hour per week. Most supplies included with fee.


Daytime: 9:30 AM-12:30 PM (2 or 3 hours) Days offered, Tuesday-Thursday and Saturdays.

Evenings: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM or 7:30-9:30 PM (Monday-Thursday)

Private Classes:

One student (2-3 hours): $50 per hour

Two students (2-3 hours): $35 per hour

Times: Depends upon both my schedule and the students.

Mediums Taught:

  • Realistic Drawing
    • How to draw from life
    • How to draw from a picture
    • Shading and texture techniques
  • Pen and Ink – Drawing prerequisite
    • Choosing an image
    • Learning how to create specific lines for different textures
    • Lessons for practicing
  • Oil Painting
    • Choosing an image to paint (I can help with what to choose)
    • Step by step approach from the underpainting to a finished masterpiece.
  • Watercolor
    • Practicing specific techniques for watercolor
    • Choosing a subject
    • Step by step guidance
  • Cartooning
    • How to draw bodies, faces, emotions
    • How to draw perspective
  • Portfolio for college
    • Depends upon requirements
  • Senior Project
    • Depends upon requirements




Learning to draw or paint is a learnable skill just like reading, writing, math, science, computing, music, and physical education. Even though art is taught in school, how to draw what one sees is rarely taught. Many people believe that in order to draw, one must have talent. This is incorrect.

I have often heard these words, “I can’t draw”. However, I haven’t heard the words, “I can’t read.” Individuals have innate gifts. Some love to read and write whereas others read just for school. Some excel in math, science, and physical education, ect. All subjects are learnable, and all subjects have value.

Art is an expression and an interpretation of what you see and feel. I know from experience that anyone can learn the skills to draw and paint with a step-by-step approach.



  • Observation
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • The act of observing and noting down with pencil on paper what you see allows a person to be in the present moment where the sense of time passing disappears. In my classes, I can’t count the many times I heard a student say, “It’s time to leave already?” or “That went by so fast!”
  • Drawing inspires creativity and confidence.

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