I am 45 and live in the Sacramento Area. Knowing Kerry and working with her and her gift for seeing has been one of the most positive and rewarding decisions I have made in my adult life.

I first met Kerry several years ago when my wife received a gift certificate from a friend to see her. My wife was impressed by her reading with Kerry and asked me if I too would like to see her, I said yes.

I will start with the most memorable experience with Kerry, the first phone call to schedule an appointment. Right away, Kerry stated that she saw an eagle. This was surprising to me. Since I am Native American and Caucasian, I have followed my native heritage for many years and frequently participate in many types of ceremony across many states. I had recently come back from a Native American ceremony known as the Sundance, which is unknown to most of the world and involves the eagle as an integral part of the ceremony. During the Sundance, I had begun working on a bone carving of an eagle based on my personal vision. I continued to work on this carving after the Sundance and eventually finished it. I have to say at this point I have no carving experience or training but the piece turned out beautifully.

Towards the end of our first meeting together, I told Kerry that I wanted her to hold something, and without looking tell me what she saw. Kerry closed her eyes. I carefully placed the tiny bone sculpture in Kerry’s hand. As she held the bone a smile crept on her face. “I’m soaring! I’m an eagle over a great valley, and I’m enjoying myself.” Kerry opened her eyes. “I didn’t realize that eagles felt such strong joy for the sake of just flying!”

When Kerry opened her eyes I told her to look at the bone and it’s carving. She saw that it was a tiny bone, but couldn’t make out the carving without her reading glasses. “Is it an eagle bone?” she asked. I smiled.

Since then Kerry and I have visited each other, either on the phone or in person almost on a weekly basis both socially and at a professional level. I value Kerry as a one of my best friends and equally important for her gift as an intuitive with the ability to assist me with some life altering decisions and perspectives. For years I have consulted Kerry in matters related to my profession in the high tech industry, matters on financial investment, and of course relationships. Kerry has taken be through some amazing past life experiences and provided guidance in present and future. Working with her has benefited all my relationships, professional and personal. Career changes, personal health, and general well-being are some of the areas where her work with me has made significant positive changes in my life.

I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is considering consulting an intuitive. Her environment is comfortable, stable and non-threatening. There is nothing commercial about what she does. I have always felt that she has told me what she sees and not I wanted to hear just to validate a decision that I have made or am about to make. It is truly a blessing that I have the opportunity to have Kerry as a fulltime friend, and consultant when needed.