Soft my sight

In the presence of the Lord

Who graces upon me ecstasy

Cherished are my thoughts

Everyone I touch

Every smile I create

Will grace

As grace falls from my fingertips

As I embody this aspect of who we are

Everyone will know immediately

That I am

For they will see

Their own grace reflected

And be drawn

Into truth of spirit


Kerry Van Dyke

A visionary is one who sees beyond the normal realm of sight. Since I was a young girl I have been experiencing visions. Not until 1990 when they flooded my everyday life did I realize how important they were. That same year I began giving intuitive readings. Some of my visions are quite profound, some are mundane, but they are always enlightening.

When I discovered my gift of insight, I immediately began helping individuals gain new perspectives and insights.

You can make an in-person or phone appointment by emailing Kerry.  I accept a monetary donation of $125 for a reading that usually takes 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Other arrangements can always be made if a monetary donation is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

I hold a person’s hands and close my eyes to “see” and receive information, which is usually immediate or just a few moments. I have also done readings over the phone, including a time I was on the radio and listeners called in.

What I see for each individual is unique.  I share what I’m feeling, seeing or knowing and usually the person relates to what I’ve shared. We discuss the situation and information that will help comes to me.

How do I know if I should get a reading?

You can get a reading for general insight or on a specific area in your life. Even though I could see what the future will bring, I choose not to. I believe that could cause unnecessary fear or anxiety. I’d rather help someone find truth in current situations, which gives them a better future. I also know that the future is not written in stone and can change.

Is it scary?

A person may come in nervous or fearful, but readings are not scary. My purpose is to give hope. My motto is two-fold; the truth sets you free, and if you think you know the truth and you’re not happy or content, then you don’t have the whole truth. The desire to just have an answer often leads one to accept a half-truth, someone else’s truth, or a lie. 

What should I expect?

I find that life’s problems, situations, or circumstances are often too close to the person for them to see clearly. I am a mirror. When I reflect back to the person what I see or the information I am receiving, they often say something like, “Oh, I never thought of it like that before!” Or “That explains everything!” One should also expect an abundance of laughter during the reading! And for those unexpected releases I always keep a box of Kleenex handy.

If change is desired, besides helping the person gain new insight, I often come up with a small project that facilitates even more growth. Because I am mirroring, each remedy is based upon the individual’s unique creativity.

An example: 

Several years ago I was giving readings in a metaphysical bookstore. I gave a reading to a young woman who was extremely depressed. Because of her condition, my insight took a few moments longer than usual. When I finally saw something, and detailed to her what it was, she burst out laughing. The image helped her to see the truth of her situation and make a shift to a causative position. I suggested she get some professional help and listen to her mother. She smiled and said that it was her mother that brought her to the store.  After the reading, her mother came over and said, “I just want to thank you for helping my daughter. I haven’t seen her smile or laugh in months.” At the end of the day, the store clerks were curious as to why all of my customers were laughing. Truth sets one free and laughter abounds!

Can I get a reading over the phone?

Absolutely! My readings over the phone have all been very accurate and helpful. I prefer however, doing my readings in person if at all possible. 

What other kinds of readings can you do?

Body scans: 

Basically, I am scanning with my mind’s eye the past, present or future of any situation. If someone has a medical problem, I can scan their body. I can be directed to look generally, from the head down to the toes, or in a specific area: endocrine system, skeletal, organs, or nervous system, etc. Since I am not medically trained, some of the things I see I may not know what they are, however I do get direct and specific information that often baffles me. I am not a healer, but I do believe that the more one knows about something, the ability to have a more positive outcome is increased.

Contacting the deceased: 

I can contact someone who has passed on. However, I have strong etiquette about this. Just as one would never walk into a stranger’s house uninvited, I ask permission first. I was a guest on a local radio program where people called in and I contacted or received information on departed friends or relatives. I was able to get accurate information about each departed person that helped the callers. For every single reading I have done for this purpose, I have never seen the same thing twice. Because of this, it is always an educational and enlightening experience.

Past lives: 

I don’t make it a point to see a past life. However, if one pops up, I find that it is there for an awakening. Often, as I tell the story of a past life, it relates to the present life or situation, revealing a truth that is freeing.

The story behind my painting called, “Grace” 

Early one morning in the summer of 1997, I sat at my computer staring at the screen, gently shaking my head in disbelief. I was contemplating how to wrap my head around a profound experience that I had three days earlier with my new (now old) friend Miki Landseadel. After seven years of virtually non-stop and amazing synchronistic events, this one, fresh in my mind, was beyond me. 

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Hands of God

The following article appeared in The Sacramento Bee on Monday, January 20, 1992

“Out of a woman’s tragedy, a shared vision

The two women had never met before. They came in out of the cold Friday afternoon into the offices of Westminster Presbyterian Church at 13th and N streets. They shook hands and looked into each other’s eyes, an appraisal.

“I’m nervous,” said Marie Gutierrez, smiling shyly, her cheeks flush from the cold. Gutierrez lost her 5-year-old son last spring in a backyard tragedy.

“I have prayed all week,” said Gutierrez. “Every day since Monday, I have said, ‘Oh God, if you do not want me to come here to this meeting, give me a sign.’ But all this time I have a feeling inside. There has to be some purpose.”

The two women walked through the empty chapel and into the vestibule, where a collection of Van Dyke’s art is being shown. Most of the pictures depict churches, altars – scenes of religious significance. By far the dominant painting depicts a large pair of hands, framed in ethereal blue, gently cupped, cradling a colorful aura.

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I didn’t have any idea as to what to expect…

I met Kerry at the Folsom Renaissance Faire in October of 1995 through a mutual acquaintance, Adel. Kerry stopped by Adel’s Egyptian art booth to say hello. Adel had mentioned Kerry’s amazing clairvoyant ability and since I had never had a reading before, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind giving me one.

I didn’t have any idea as to what to expect. But, taking me by the hand, Kerry closed her eyes and began revealing information so compelling to me that I could not help but accept and identify directly with her comments. The first thing she said to me was, “Oh, you’re a real mother aren’t you.” I found this rather odd. But she proceeded. She told me that she saw me kneeling beside a strangely shaped crib. She said she had never seen such a crib before and that it had a cloth covering, and that I was mournfully kneeling before it. I kept thinking that she was referring possibly to an experience I had had when I was a child and lived in the town of Cedar Lake, Indiana. But she maintained that it was not this life or that place. Then, she looked at me intently. “You were just in England, weren’t you?” she stated. I sat mesmerized. I had indeed been to England within the past few years, but hadn’t told her or Adel. “You were expecting it to be different. It wasn’t what you thought it would be.” This was remarkable to me. I kept seeing the strange steel-blue-gray of London streets and thinking “this is not what I expected!”

In any case, by the end of Kerry’s reading I had learned that the child that I mourned over had been my baby and had died of the plague. The time was that of King Charles and my husband had gone off to battle in the civil war then raging in England. I would never see him again and I had taken on the overwhelming anguish of guilt for the loss of our child. I traveled the country searching many different religions for solace, but found none. I ended up leaving the village and coming across the sea to the New World.

So much of the reading rang true. I even told her, “That explains everything.” I had spent most of my childhood and adult life taking care of children and feeling a sense of guilt that no matter what I did it wasn’t enough. I even maintained the peculiarly dark feeling as a young girl that the worst thing that could happen would be the loss of a family line because the potential father had been killed off in war. I had also belonged to many different religions looking for a peace of mind that escaped me. Kerry’s reading clarified my struggles in this life and her continued counseling has led me to other developments that have advanced the spiritual influence on my life.

As a consequence, Kerry Van Dyke became a close and cherished friend of mine; and our prolonged association has had a profound impact on my life. I have experienced the unexpected with her: an awakening of my spirit, and a relation to the timeless.









I am a believer of holistic healing…..

I am a believer of holistic healing and was trained over 20 years ago in both the Western practice of medicine and traditional psychotherapy. Ms. Kerry Van Dyke was enthusiastically recommended to me by one of my AIDS patients in 1998. Since I had seen clairvoyantly-gifted psychics since I was a child, this was not a new experience for me. I was, and continue to be, moved by the guidance and healing she offers me during our meetings. Ms. Van Dyke is a talented spiritual artist and counselor. On average I consult with her once or twice a year, especially when I find myself at major crossroads for life-changing decisions or events. She usually clarifies for me the intuitive feelings I have already had about my choices and upcoming decisions. Thus, I have left from our sessions with a bolstered sense of clarity and confidence as I move forward through life’s many challenges. She is professional and yet also is warm and personal, like a dear, old friend. I have recommended that colleagues and friends of mine consult with her and many of them have also been pleased. She has a calm approach that I believe anyone would find, in itself, healing. I am grateful to have her as part of my support system. 


I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is considering consulting an intuitive.

I am 45 and live in the Sacramento Area. Knowing Kerry and working with her and her gift for seeing has been one of the most positive and rewarding decisions I have made in my adult life.

I first met Kerry several years ago when my wife received a gift certificate from a friend to see her. My wife was impressed by her reading with Kerry and asked me if I too would like to see her, I said yes.

I will start with the most memorable experience with Kerry, the first phone call to schedule an appointment. Right away, Kerry stated that she saw an eagle. This was surprising to me. Since I am Native American and Caucasian, I have followed my native heritage for many years and frequently participate in many types of ceremony across many states. I had recently come back from a Native American ceremony known as the Sundance, which is unknown to most of the world and involves the eagle as an integral part of the ceremony. During the Sundance, I had begun working on a bone carving of an eagle based on my personal vision. I continued to work on this carving after the Sundance and eventually finished it. I have to say at this point I have no carving experience or training but the piece turned out beautifully.

Towards the end of our first meeting together, I told Kerry that I wanted her to hold something, and without looking tell me what she saw. Kerry closed her eyes. I carefully placed the tiny bone sculpture in Kerry’s hand. As she held the bone a smile crept on her face. “I’m soaring! I’m an eagle over a great valley, and I’m enjoying myself.” Kerry opened her eyes. “I didn’t realize that eagles felt such strong joy for the sake of just flying!”

When Kerry opened her eyes I told her to look at the bone and it’s carving. She saw that it was a tiny bone, but couldn’t make out the carving without her reading glasses. “Is it an eagle bone?” she asked. I smiled.

Since then Kerry and I have visited each other, either on the phone or in person almost on a weekly basis both socially and at a professional level. I value Kerry as a one of my best friends and equally important for her gift as an intuitive with the ability to assist me with some life altering decisions and perspectives. For years I have consulted Kerry in matters related to my profession in the high tech industry, matters on financial investment, and of course relationships. Kerry has taken be through some amazing past life experiences and provided guidance in present and future. Working with her has benefited all my relationships, professional and personal. Career changes, personal health, and general well-being are some of the areas where her work with me has made significant positive changes in my life.

I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is considering consulting an intuitive. Her environment is comfortable, stable and non-threatening. There is nothing commercial about what she does. I have always felt that she has told me what she sees and not I wanted to hear just to validate a decision that I have made or am about to make. It is truly a blessing that I have the opportunity to have Kerry as a fulltime friend, and consultant when needed.